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Digital Design

Freebird Coated Aluminium

Freebird was established 1986 and is located
in the Netherlands (‘s-Hertogenbosch).

For many years already, Freebird Aluminium has been a supplier of coilcoated aluminium. Freebird offers tailor-made coilcoated aluminium for architectural, automotive and industrial applications. Our coilcoated aluminium can be supplied in coils, sheets, profiled or bended. Freebird has many years of extensive experience with decorative aluminium and avails of its own painting, cutting, milling and profiling machines ensuring to control the entire production process. Recently we introduced our new product FDD (Freebird Digital Design); coilcoated aluminium coils or sheets with a custom-made decorative print included an additional clearcoat. This makes our FDD extremely suitable for exterior architectural cladding systems.

This makes our FDD a high-quality and visually attractive material: light-weight, sustainable, strong and easy to process.


Decor Coating (FDC) up to 1600 mm width
and 1.2 mm thickness

Digital Printing (FDD) up to 1600 mm width
and 0.8 mm thickness

Cutting up to 1600 mm width

Levelling-machine for flat material




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