About us

For many years, Freebird Aluminium has been a supplier of painted aluminium.

Besides a repair service for panels of caravans and campers, we offer custom-made painted aluminium for industrial applications.
Freebird is a supplier of painted aluminium band, painted aluminium sheets, cut, milled and bent.

Freebird has many years of extensive experience with decorative aluminium and owns its own painting, cutting, milling and profiling machines ensuring that it is in charge of the entire process. We have recently introduced a product we have developed ourselves, namely painted aluminium rolls or sheets with a decorative print overcoated with an extra clearcoat layer (Freebird Digital Design).

This has many advantages. You have a high-quality and visually attractive material: a light-weight, strong and ductile aluminium provided with a coating system suitable for all applications with a print which is weather-resistant and as such also extremely suitable for outdoor applications

If you are interested in a sample or an offer, feel free to contact Freebird or send an application using the contact form.