Freebird Digital Design

Freebird has many years of extensive experience in decorative aluminium. And since recently we offer a product we have developed ourselves. It concerns painted aluminium rolls or sheets with a decorative print overcoated with an extra clearcoat layer

This has many advantages. You have a high-quality and visually attractive material: light-weight, strong and ductile aluminium provided with a coating system suitable for many different applications and a print that is weather-resistant, therefore highly suitable for outdoor applications.

What can Freebird Aluminium do for you?

short delivery times, materials are kept in stock
keep stocks for you; it will help you save storage and handling costs
custom-made by cutting, milling and bending

Painted aluminium coils and sheets available in:
Widths: 20 to 1600 mm
Length: up to 10 m
Thicknesses: 0.45 to 1.2 mm
Inside diameter coils: 400 or 508 mm

A number of examples to give you an idea of the possibilities are shown below:

If you are interested in a sample or an offer, feel free to contact Freebird or send an application using the contact form.