Recreational Vehicles

Freebird Aluminium has its own paint lines, cutting line, folding and profiling machines and stocks painted aluminium in various basic colours and sizes. If required, we can stock materials especially for you and painted in the colour and design of your choice. Up to 1600 mm a folded seam may be added, enabling two sheets to be joined.

Painted aluminium coils available in:
Widths: 100 to 1600 mm
Thicknesses: 0.40 to 0.80 mm
Alloys: 3003 – 3005 – 5052
Paint systems: Polyester, PVDF and PUR/PA
Finish: smooth or hammer embossed
Colours: unicolours and metallic colours
Inside diameter coils: 400 or 508 mm

If you are interested in a sample or an offer, feel free to contact Freebird or send an application using the contact form.