Painted aluminium band

Painted aluminium comes in many shapes and sizes. Since almost everything is produced according to customer specifications, Freebird has many years of experience with different buyers and suppliers, which enables us to offer you a perfect price-quality ratio.

Freebird Digital Design

These products include painted aluminium coil or sheet with a decorative print which is embedded in the coating, as it were. High-quality and visually attractive material, light-weight, strong and ductile material for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Freebird Decor Painting

Besides painted aluminium products, Freebird is also able to provide them with a pattern, for example a wood, marble, zinc-coated and stone design. But also with a custom-made design in any colour you choose for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Recreational Vehicles

Painted aluminium especially for recreational vehicles. Choice between stripes in unicolours or metallic colours, as well as special designs in any colour you like in a smooth or hammer embossed design.

If you are interested in a sample or an offer, feel free to contact Freebird or send an application using the contact form.



> Wall cladding
> Seamless gutters
> Finishing panels
> Column cladding
> Skirting boards


> Recreational Vehicles
> Barometers
> Control panels
> Column cladding
> Finishing panels


> Advertising panels
> Stand panels
> Sublimation
> Cut-out letters
> Signage


> Cutting
> Bending/Folding/seaming
> Punching
> Water jet cutting
> Milling