Recreational Vehicles

For many years already, Freebird is a main supplier to the European manufacturers of recreational vehicles. In addition, we also supply the manufacturers of caravan -and camperdoors and storage locker doors. With our expertise, high quality and reliable service we have been able to substantially grow our business over the years.



Why choose aluminium?

Aluminium is extremely sustainable for the façade because it is lightweight, sustainable, easy formable, recyclable, non-corrosive and is available in endless colours, designs and textures. The decor coated and digitally printed portfolio of Freebird is 100% environmental friendly and is manufactured according to the most recent environmental regulations in our industry.

Freebird is specialized in decorcoating and digitally printing of aluminium coils for exterior -and interior applications. Our coils are supplied to the manufacturers of aluminium façade panels and roofing systems.


Freebird offers various options

1. Decorcoated striping (in any colour or width)


2. Digitally printed design (customized)


3. Decorcoated striping (in any colour or width)

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Because we are able to emboss at a width of 1.692 mm, the caravan or camperdoor can be made out of one sheet.

4. Slitting into smaller coils

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5. Profiling of the edges of the upper and lower wallsheet to guarantee optimal connection between the two sheets.

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6. Cut to length

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Besides supplying the aluminium wall -and roofing sheets we are also the exclusive and certified distributor for the after-sales of wall -and roofingsheets of many European manufacturers. Please check the website for more detailed information.


Request free samples

We are looking forward to hear from you. If you are interested in a sample or an offer, feel free to contact Freebird or send a request using the contact form.