Aluminium Exterior

Freebird Aluminium: endless options in any imagineable appearance


Why choose aluminium?

Aluminium is extremely sustainable for the façade because it is lightweight, sustainable, easy formable, recyclable, non-corrosive and is available in endless colours, designs and textures. The decor coated and digitally printed portfolio of Freebird is 100% environmental friendly and is manufactured according to the most recent environmental regulations in our industry.

Freebird is specialized in decorcoating and digitally printing of aluminium coils for exterior -and interior applications. Our coils are supplied to the manufacturers of aluminium façade panels and roofing systems.


Facade cladding

Freebird aluminium is available in many types of aluminium facade systems; Aluminium Composite Panels (ACP), Honeycomb panels, Sandwichpanels, Trapezoidal sheets, Sinusoidal sheets, Siding panels, Shingles etc.

The aluminium can be decorcoated and obtain the appearance of wood, natural stone or other natural material, but can also be digitally printed in any imagineable design or picture. It is suitable for exterior applications because Freebird applies a clearcoat with additional UV-blockers.

Generally, our aluminum is supplied in coils to the manufacturers of the façade panels. This enables them to process easily and efficient in their rollformers and sandwich/lamination lines. Of course it can also be fabricated in a press-brake.



Roof cladding

Freebird aluminium is available in many types of roofing systems such as standing seam (high or low seam) and shingles. To guarantee easy processing, a seaming-alloy is supplied when supplying for low seam systems.



The decorcoated and digitally printed aluminium is also very suitable for cladding of balconies. An Aluminium Composite Panel or Trapezoidal sheet are excellent panels for this application.



PV cladding

When Freebird aluminium is used in a honeycomb panel or aluminium composite panel, it becomes a unique and decorative eye catcher in a PV panel-system.

The PV panels are tilted at the sun while from the ground the decorative panels are visible.


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